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Soviet Watches

This website is all about Soviet watches from 1935 untill 1992. The Soviets were one of the world’s largest manufacturers of watches, with a history dated back to 1927 when the government decided to build quality timepieces for its military. They had to be accurate and reliable just as their Western counterparts. The equipment for the production of these watches was purchased from the USA. This was the birth of the First Moscow Watch Factory. 

Many of the watch manufacturers from the past are still around today (in some sort of form), and many of those timepieces produced during the Soviet era are still available for sale or trade. There is a large community of  collectors and historians, who are trying to preserve a part of history.

In the Soviet Union a lot of watches were made for military purposes, keeping time and navigate in space. They provided accurate data for navigation and targeting aboard aircraft and naval vessels. They helped keeping track of time for the railroad and proved to be a reliable partner across journeys over the Arctic seas. These watches are unique with an individual story of their own to tell. 

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