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This rare watch was designed for the Soviet military. This is the second generation of military Vostok NVCH-30 watches and is a rarer than the first generation diver.

The Vostok Tonneau diver is waterproof to a depth of 300m. The normal Vostok diver (200m) had an acrylic glass while the 300m got a thicker mineral glass. 

These 300m divers are very rare and have other hands than the so called "paddle" hands on the first generation.

The NVCH-30 were made in three case versions, The earlier D-lug and swing lug (also on this website), the tonneau version and the rarest of them all; the albatros.
All papers I have seen indicate that they were made in a 1986 batch. The caliber of the watch is a 2209

- note: the depth rating on the earlier casebacks is engraved as 30 ATM rather than 300m, although tonneau cases have been seen with this earlier caseback.
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