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In the picture below you see the Slava Transistor. It’s a very rare Russian watch in working condition.
After Mr. Khrushchev’s visit to the U.S. he brought back a Bulova Accutron caliber 214 given by president Lyndon Johnson. The Bulova Accutron 214 is one of the most technical advanced watch movements ever made. He ordered the Soviet engineers to make a copy of the watch.

The heart of the watch is a Tuning Fork (similar to the one we use for music). It hums with 360 movements per second. By keeping it in resonance through an electric circuit using a simple transistor very low power is needed to keep it going and so create a relative long battery life. The transistor improved accuracy over mechanical watches. It could be regulated to +-2 seconds/day
The watch was issued in 1962 and it is said that there were less than 25.000 pieces made of due to quality problems. The ratchet wheel of the watch is very delicate and it’s very hard to find a replacement. That is why there are not many left in working condition anymore.

The watch had a total revision by The platinum of the watch has been cleaned and the index wheel and pawls have been adjusted as well. All gaskets have been renewed and the watch is now running with the right power consumption.
Slava Accutron

Slava Accutron

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