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After having a 15 J Sturmanskie it was a matter of time that I thought it would be completely logical to have the 17J version. The rough leather single stiched strap near the lugs it gives the watch a very authentic and original look.


The 17 jewel version was produced from 1954 until 1960. The originals dials had radium lume just like mine in the picture below.

Due to the limited production numbers there are not many left in good condition. The Sturmanskie watches were only issued to Soviet Air Force pilots and were not available to the public.

The watch is different from the 15J version by the shape of the hands, crown (15J got "pillow" crown), less sparkly dial and screw-down back. The emblem on the the watch with the wings and bomb is a Navigator's sign.

Gagarin graduated from 1st Orenburg Military Aviation College for Pilots in 1957. He received the watch after graduation. 

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