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Very rare watch to commemorate 40 years of Polar aviation (1929-1969).
The watch was most likely released in year 1969 to commemorate 40 years of Polar Aviation Office under USSR Ministry Of Civil Aviation. Looking back at the history of USSR watch factories, there's high possibility the watches could be a special order by Ministry Of Civil Aviation (Order MGA №405 of June 30, 1969) for the Polar Aviation Unit and therefore you won't find many of them circulating around. Unfortunately the Polar Aviation Unit was closed down in 1970.
The polar aviators were special units of Civil Aviation, designed to provide transport and research flights in the polar regions of the Northern and Southern hemispheres. Flights over the polar regions are organized and carried out with taking into account the physical - geographical and meteorological conditions of these areas, as well as the complexity of supply, due to lack of natural and man-made landmarks, frequent changes in weather conditions, lower temperatures of the air, the duration of the polar day (night ), unstable operation of the magnetic compasses and means of communication 
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