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POLJOT 2614-H2

This watch is a Poljot dedicated to the expedition to the North Pole with the nuclear icebreaker Arktika. The Arktika "Арктика" was the first nuclear-powered vessel that reached the North Pole in 1977. The watch was a gift to all the 207 members who joined the expedition.



This one belonged to one of the participant of the expedition. On the back of the watch is an inscription written with the text: "To the participants of the Pole 77 Comrade Bukashin I. I.

 All participants were rewarded with a medal after the mission. In the book "to the Pole! (к полюсу!) a medal recipient list can be found of the expedition members. Bukashina Irina Ivanovna was a cleaning woman on board of the Arktika. She was rewarded a medal of labour for this mission.

On the 9th of august 1977 the ship left Moermansk after a thorough preparation for a trip to the north point of Nova Zembla under the command of captain Yuri Kuchiev. On board 207 people, most of them (approximately 150) crew members and specialists of different scientific and technical institutions.
On the 17th of August at 04.00 Moscow-time the Arktika reached the exact geographical point of the North Pole (Latitude: 90° 00' 0.00" N and Longitude: 0° 00' 0.00" E).


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