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The Poljot Amphibia 30 Jewels is a hard to find watch in good condition. It is a diver from the seventies with a 30 jewel automatic 2616 mechanism. This is the predecessor of the more common Poljot Amphibia 23J.
Exposed by the elements the dial fades from a dark blue colour to a more kind of black/grey tint throughout the years. There are very little pieces known with the original blue dial still in mint condition. When turning the watch in daylight you can stil see parts of the original colour. In the last picture below I tried to capture a shot of what is left of the blue colour on the dial.
To unscrew the crown to set the time it has to be turned clockwise. All other Soviet divers I know have to be turned anti-clockwise to unscrew the crown. The two piece caseback is also different to a normal six slot caseback. Instead of six holes it got four, so it takes a little time to open with normal tools.
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