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This is a Poljot with a 2609 caliber. On the back of the watch there is a Cyrillic description which says “ 
“делегату всесоюзного сьеэда колхозников ноябрь 1969 г”, which means “all union  delegate 3th congress collective farmers November 1969”.

On 25-27 november 1969 the 3rd congress of collective farmers (Kolkhozy) was held in Moscow and was attended by 4.521 delegates. 

In the Soviet Union there were 2 types of farms; state-run and (Sovkhozy) and cooperative -run (Kolkhozy) type of farms. In the late 1920s Joseph Stalin introduced collectivization to boost agricultural production through organization of land and labor into large-scale collective farms, the Kolkhozy. The state would decide how much of what crops were to be produced, how much would be paid to the peasants for their work and how much would go to the state at regulated prices. The immediate effects of forced collectivization were decreased grain output and halved livestock numbers. 
Farmers who resisted or refused to cooperate were persecuted or exiled.

After the 1969 Collective Farmers Congress farmers were allowed to increase the size of private plots and instituted income guarantees and social insurance.
I believe this watch was presented to the delegate after the congress.

In the picture above Brezhnev and all other delegates are wearing… a participant’s badge! Now the combination of the watch and the batch is unique. 

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